Fire Fighting and Prevention on Bear Island

This page was created to bring information to Bear Island residents about fire fighting and prevention. We were all lucky that the Memorial Day 2009 fire on the island was not a disaster. In the future we will have recommendations from the Meredith Fire Chief about equipment that may help us in the future.

Lessons Learned - one person's view - by Stan Janiak

Summary Recommendations:
  1. Review/discuss the possibility of fire and what action is appropriate
  2. Remove combustible materials where possible.  Also, eliminate fire hazards (especially extension cords and candles per the chief)
  3. Have readily available / purchase:
    1. Water Buckets
    2. Fire extinguishers (Boat, House, Garage, Indian Pumps, Pressurized Water Cans,...
    3. Tools (Fire swatter/rakes, shovel, ...)
    4. Remember 'Personal Safety First'.



Reflections on Fighting the Memorial Day Fire